Dj Website Hosting

WaxDj allows Djs an easy way to create their own website and stream their music. This is accomplished via an easy to use web interface.

You can try our service for free for as long as you want. If you decide that you like it and want more features, upgrade to our paid service inside your WaxDj Control Panel.

  Free Account Paid Account
Disk Space 200 megabytes 10,000 megabytes (10 gigabytes)
Filetypes mp3 mp3
LoFi Encoding Max 96 kbps 96 kbps
HiFi Encoding Max 128 kbps 384 kbps
Multiple Linked Identities No Yes
WebSite Creator Included Included (plus additional templates)
Mix Logos No Yes (displayed on mix listings)
Blog Yes Yes
Event Listings Yes Yes
Contact Form Yes Yes
Viewer/Listener Stats Basic Detailed
Support Forums Only Forums, Email
Banner Ads On Demand None
Audio Commercials On Demand None
HTTP Access Yes ( Yes ( or
FTP Access Yes Email Address Yes (
External Linking mp3 sets, uploaded images
Remote Stats Available via php3
Remote Ranking mp3 sets, dj/artist
Radio Stations Yes
Paypal Store Yes
Mailing List Yes
Free $7.89/mo
(c) 2005 PFK Sound, LLC (WaxDj, DigitalWax)