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About Hailing from Europes least influential metropolis Vienna, MyPairOfShoes is undisputedly Austrias best-hung DJ/producer. His love for all things soulful
and danceable has turned many dance floors and foremost bedrooms into a sensual frenzy. Crowds all over the world love his eccentric appearance behind the turntables wearing nothing but a peacock feather boa and a pair of worn out sneakers. A question that is regularly asked concerns the descent of his sneakers. Yes, that my pair of shoes is the only thing he has ever said in public. Rumor has it that Stef (as friends would call him) arrived on planet earth through a falling star that originates from a meteor, which was hit by the spaceship that flew Father Yod to Venus. Pink sunglasses and a turquoise mankini is all you need to enjoy his Adventures In Decent Music mixes, which feature a wide spectrum of music from the early 70s to brand new stuff, not to be found on any MTV charts or your local hillbilly radio station. Whereas if you want to dislocate your bones to a perfectly blended set of hand selected house tunes its suggested to download his mixes from the secret, internet located site called , store them on a Panasonic-RQ45342 and digest the recorded bits and bytes on top of the Piz Buin.
Location Austria
Influences/Sounds Like Jazzfunk, Acid Jazz, Disco, Soul and House is what rocks my boat!
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updated: 12.28.17