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feed the feedback!
posted by: carllang posted: 07.15.09
i see theres quite alot activity in the downloads,
would love it if you could feed the feedback,
and rate my tracks, even if you think its krap,
and stuff, but leave a feedback . do it, do it now.
yes you can do it.

posted by: carllang posted: 06.14.09
I recently found out about FFT, Fast Furier Transform, and found an effects plugin that uses FFT mathematics to alter sound.
and im achievieng some cool sounds, but not too
sure how to use it best for different sounds, like bass, synth, drums etc...if theres anyone out there that knows more about it and wants to share information please send me a message.

posted by: carllang posted: 06.11.09
plop. i just wana see how this blog thing works...
i wonder if anyone actually takes time to read this,well probably, i see people have actually listened to some of my tracks..thats fcken awesome.
well if you havent yet had a listen then have a listen to my tracks, and rate them. then karma will reward you, maybe not instanlty and maybe not ever.because sometimes karma fails.but that doesnt matter. nothing else matters. music matters.

updated: 09.04.09