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Metamorphic (Victoria, BC) April 8th
posted by: stargirl posted: 03.23.12

Attention Victoria Conscious Dance Tribe - it's time for some magic!

Do you love the pounding rhythms of tech and tribal progressive house and hypnotic progressive psytrance? Are you ready for an epic journey through darkness into light - skillfully guided by masters of sound and movement from near and far? Opening with visionary ecstatic dance guided by Inner Journey's Kylee Dawn and headlined by Jay Michael of Calgary's Area 709, - METAMORPHIC is a seamless night of intentional, beat driven sound and movement for the discerning dancer.

Returning to Victoria for a taste of coastal spring, Calgary's Jay Michael is a dancefloor wizard who has been casting his spell at festivals and stages all over western Canada for the past 10 years. Not to miss for the intentional dancer, Jay has shared the bill with countless top name acts from west coast favorites Bluetech and Noah Pred to international senstations such as Vibrasphere, Nick Warren, Noel Sanger, OTT and Bonobo.

Our evening starts with a deeply opening ecstatic dance journey led by Calgary's Kylee Dawn of Inner Journeys ( whose last Victoria offering filled to capacity to rave reviews. Local producer AFK (aka Davin Greenwell) follows with skillfully crafted tribal and tech house. The journey peaks with a set of visionary progressive psytrance from Calgary's Jay Michael. Next up, local favorite Khan takes the helm and leads the journey into throbbing ethnic tribal progressive landscapes, blending seamlessly into a set of morning trance with Rainbow Cathedral's Stargirl.

$25 Presale tickets are available online here:

Get them early - door tickets will be limited.

Keep your eyes out for updates like live painting and other treats.

Happy New Year~
posted by: stargirl posted: 01.05.12
I Spent New Years in the forest at the Intention party , up here in BC. Great people! I had lots of fun.

Since I didn't record that set, I though I'd leave my Christmas mix up, which was recorded while playing some casual Friday night beats.

I think it's winter
posted by: stargirl posted: 11.17.11
It sure feels that way up here in Vancouver, BC.
It's been awhile since I've made a new trance mix; but I feel one coming.

Sweet Friday to you~


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