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STYLE: Techno / Psytrance

HISTORY: Psynaptic Transmission, Earthdance 2005,Solar Sonic, Spring chicken online radio, Submission, KONEKT, Translux, The Great Escape 4, Connectek - Access, Symbiotek 2008, alot of dodgy private parties.

INFLUENCES: Killer B, Trip, StarSpine, Star x, C4, Solid System (ConsystemC), Ian Punton, Chef, Warman, D.A.V.E the drummer, Chris Liberator, Guy Mcgaffer, Multicrises, Ganjai, and so many more.

"A day not laughed, is a day wasted" -Spud.

"One day all the trancies and the techno people will all walk down a road and end up at a table and eat marshmellows" -Solid system.