"Last of Summer Daze (rec @ Sunset Seattle 12)"
GG12 mix pic.jpg
: i n f o :
Here's my set from Innerflight Music's 12th annual Sunset Seattle event in beautiful Golden Gardens Park.
After doing this event for 12 years and watching it grow more and more family oriented as we all get older, it's really hard to put into words how special this gathering is, not just to Innerflight, but to the greater Seattle dance music community.
This year was really one for the books, since a friend brought a jumbo bouncy castle, much to the delight of all the children and many of the adults in atten-dance.
This year, I was back on opening duties and wanted to start things off laid back, funky, and melodic.
There are a couple of less-than-graceful transitions here and there, but you really shouldn't let that bother you too much.
I hope you enjoy the musics.

Photo by: Mya Branum