"Freundschaft (Friends n Stuff 4 - Finney Farm, WA)"
FnS robot.jpg
: i n f o :
For the last 4 summers, a good friend of mine has thrown a private weekend camp out called "Friends n Stuff" on her sisters farm a couple hours north of Seattle. It's a laid-back intimate affair with just a handful of close friends attending. I've been honored to play a dj set every year, and I always try to pull out some musical surprises. This year I decided to get all "eclectic sunny afternoon" on people, playing various strains of electro, IDM, acid, and just plain weird. I even get full on "Neverending Story" with it in a couple spots. If you don't like your electronic music a little tongue in cheek, this mix may not be for you. For those of you with a sense of adventure and a sense of humor, I hope you enjoy the ride.