"Zero Hour"
Jupiter in Mourning.jpg
: i n f o :
This mix was born out of a gig I had at the beginning of the year for my good friend, Jeremiah's art show. He's a greatly skilled artist that you should check out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DearEarthling

For the first few years I knew him, I had no idea he was a painter. He didn't really talk about it, and those were the days before facebook or myspace had really taken off (we've been friends for a while). Back then I just knew him as a local Drum & Bass dj, and a delightful chap.
For his art show, I decided to surprise him by playing some D&B. After the event, I decided to put a mix together from the playlist I'd assembled. This is the result. Please enjoy some liquid awesome :)

Image by: Dear Earthling