"Back in the Wherehouse (rec @ ABD1 ~ 7.7.2007)"
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Audiblebicycleday (ABD) is a yearly gathering in the cascade mountains that a few close friends of mine have been doing for 8 years now. However, the very first ABD was a one night affair that happened in Seattle at an underground spot called The Wherehouse. As with all the ABD gatherings, the music was very eclectic throughout the night. Everything from house, to electro, to breaks, and lots of IDM. I was asked to play some hard techno for the peak time slot, something I was more than happy to do.
Up until recently, I didn't know that my friends had recorded the night, and in fact, I think they forgot that as well until a few months ago, when one of them came across the long lost minidiscs. I went through them and discovered that most of my set had been recorded except for a chunk in the middle when one minidisc ran out of space, and no one noticed until some time later. I had the first part and last part of my set, but was missing the middle, so I decided to go through my records and digital files from that time period and tried to guess what that missing section might have sounded like. I recorded the new section, then spliced it together with the original recordings.
The first 70 minutes is proper techno bangers, before I veered off into electro/IDM territory for the last 15 minutes.
I hope you enjoy this little blast from my past!