"Those Summer Nights... (rec @ Sunset Seattle 11)"
GG11 pic2.jpg
: i n f o :
This is my closing set at Innerflight's 11th annual end of summer party in Seattle's beautiful Golden Gardens park. I helped found this party and it is the most special event I've ever produced. Over the years, the family friendly focus of this event becomes increasingly prevalent as more of us become parents, and it's such a joy to see all of our friends' children getting down all afternoon!

This set was my first time playing the closing slot since year 2 or 3, and since I'd recently amassed a pile of new techno vinyl of the spring and summer, I decided to leave the laptop and cds at home. Unfortunately, what I didn't know was that the speed on one of the turntables was VERY wobbly, so much that you can actually hear it on almost every other track. This made mixing pretty difficult, but there was no turning back, I could only techno on until the very end. When you think about it, I did kinda ok considering what I had to work with.
Because of the rough mixing and the one turntable making some of the tracks sound a little wonky, I wrestled back and forth with myself about whether to post this mix. In the end I decided that the people who were there (you can occasionally hear their cheering coming through the needles) may want to re-live that moment and that most of the people who really matter will be able to hear past the equipment shortcomings.
Despite the turntable issue, I had an absolute blast playing this set and happy to be sharing it with you all.