"Octomission (rec @ Audiblebicycleday8 ~ 6.27.2015)"
ABD8 venus and mars.jpg
: i n f o :
This is my set from around 1am Saturday night at the 8th edition of Audiblebicycleday, an intimate gathering of experimental music heads in the cascade mountains. I got to play the headlining slot at the very first ABD back in 2007 and I was honored to be asked to play the peak of Saturday night for this year's festivities. I've been wanting to play an eclectic uptempo set of IDM/braindance for years, but never had an opportunity where I felt it would be appreciated. Thankfully, ABD is exactly the type of gathering that embraces such weirdness and I felt free to really take it out into the bizarre and silly.

Photo by: Katha Dalton