"Fugitive Alien (Make Mistakes podcast: March 2014)"
: i n f o :
This mix was made for my Colorado techno friends at Make Mistakes. Their Photographic Memory Series podcast asks the djs to select a picture from their life and build a mix around it. The picture I selected is from a warm sunny April Sunday in 2012 after some friends and I had spent the previous night hosting Woody McBride in Portland Oregon. After we broke down the event, and cleaned the venue, we packed everything up and headed to Deafchild’s house in Scappoose (about 30 minutes outside Portland). It was such an unseasonably warm sunny day that we spent most of it basking in the sun before firing up the bbq that afternoon, and didn’t go to bed till late that evening. This mix is pretty good distillation of a lot of the musical vibe from the previous night’s event heavily influenced by the overall playfulness of that Sunday as a group of exhausted yet ecstatic friends suddenly found themselves a summer day in early spring.The inspiration for the name of this mix was inspired by someone pointing out that it looks like Ian (the one all the way to the left) is trying to hail some kind of UFO taxi or bus, and I like to think of this mix as the soundtrack to the adventure that ensues after we boarded the alien taxi. (It's also the name of a 1980's Japanese sci-fi movie that was really just a repackaging of a 70's Japanese tv series.)

You can see the original podcast and many more, plus other audio goodies all right here:http://makemistakes.us/