"Breakfast with MANOS (recorded @ Prosperity 2007)"
: i n f o :
This is one of my favorite mixes. Prosperity is a super secret word-of-mouth outdoor party that happens every late April/Early May in the vast expanse of central Washington. The location is nestled in a gorgeous river valley, the people are fantastically beautiful, and the vibe is amazing. This is one of my favorite events every year, whether I'm performing or just attending.
I was stoked to be playing a morning set (8am) and to enhance the experience, I decided to have breakfast served on the dance floor. While I played, my friends cooked up french toast and had all kinds of fresh fruit for anyone that wanted some.
This is an assortment of some of my most favorite tracks, and others that I chose because they sounded unbelievable in that valley. (Starborne KV2 Sound!) The mixing is sorta bumpy at the beginning, but it had been a pretty long, adventurous night, so I hope you'll forgive me. As the mix progresses, it gets more random, but keep in mind that this is "breakfast style" so really anything goes.