"Deep Sexy House Dj Tomaz Hernandez"
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December 1, 2008

Track Listing: I selected some special tracks from my arsenal, like the first song which is a song that was given to me as a gift. I included it as my opening song plus many of my favorite groovy, sexy, funky, dancy,darky,moody,undergroundyky to create a mix that says a lot about the Miami House Scene.
Dj Tomaz H

1.- Je Sens - Christoph Kardek Feat. Hanna Hais -Tomaz Hernandez
2.- No More Love - Quentin Harris - Tomaz Hernandez Deep Sexy
3. Twisted (Going Round)-Ultra Naté (Danny Tenaglia mix) - Tomaz H
4.- Bliss-Rock Rockwell - Tomaz Hernandez Deep Sexy House
5- Break For Love- Peter Rauhofer -Tomaz H. Deep Sexy House
6. All I Know- Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff Feat. Astrid Suryanto -
7.-Psy - Cop -DJ Mankeletor - Tomaz Hernandez
8.- Think All About the Music - Chris Moody feat. Aliana Galan - Tomaz Hernandez Deep Sexy House by Dj Tomaz Hernandez
9.- I'm Addicted- Eday Deep Sexy House by Dj Tomaz Hernandez
10.- Angel Love - Samantha James - Tomaz Hernandez
11. -Take Me Away - Seamus Haji - Dj Tomaz Hernandez mix Progressive House
12.- Closer To Ahh - Deep House
Deep Sexy House Mix by Dj Tomaz Hernandez

Recorded at Tomz Records by Dj Tomaz Hernandez Nov. 29 - 2008