Mistress Jade

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Polish / American psychedelic trance DJ, Mistress Jade, has been making waves in the global ocean of psychedelic & goa trance since 2005, firmly standing her ground as she continues to enlighten the crowds before her with her unique sound.

Her passion for this music along with her devotion to the psychedelic trance culture, has paved the way forward for Mistress Jade, as she raises the climate at all the parties that have had the honor of hearing this dynamic DJ.

Mistress Jade's wizardry on the CD decks is nothing but seamless and flawless as she blends a diverse range of psychedelic sounds, gradually bringing Mistress Jade to the forefront of the electronic dance music scene she is so passionate about.

Mistress Jade is not just a DJ, she is a performer, sharing her love and her energy with the audience behind the audio altar, as the dance floor responds back in admiration.

Mistress Jade explains, "My discovery of psychedelic trance was indeed a blessing and I found my true calling as a DJ. I needed to enlighten people the same way I was enlightened by this amazing music. My quest continues...let me take you on a trip."

Mistress Jade has been brought up around the sounds of electronic music all of her life, this upbringing already building the foundations for this future star. She graduated from the School of Audio Engineering in New York City in 2005, obtaining a diploma in audio technology, furthering both her love and knowledge of music.

At only the age of 21, Mistress Jade has already performed at countless parties across her homeland of America. In January 2007, she made her international debut at Trance Orient Express in Ruigoord, Holland, the infamous artist village located right outside of Amsterdam, known for it's annual Solstice festival. Several weeks later, she made her UK debut at the legendary Fridge nightclub in Brixton, where she played an exclusive 4 hour set.

Mistress Jade's performances are both driving and melodic, and her diverse skill ensures that her performances are suited to all psychedelic & goa trance events.

Mistress Jade has established a name for herself with a growing following of fans across the USA and internationally, many crowning her with the title "The Psy Goddess", a title that she continues to be called.

In 2005, a partnership was formed when Mistress Jade was noticed after the owner of The Psylicious Collective found her mixes via The DJ List. Her mixes instantly caught his attention, who shares the same passion for psychedelic & goa trance as she does. With exclusive worldwide management with Psylicious, Mistress Jade shares her knowledge and her passion, and aids the growth and development of the psychedelic & goa trance roster.

"Mistress Jade is an absolute honor and pleasure to have at your event. It is also a great honor to be working alongside Mistress Jade with her career and future development. The enthusiasm, passion, and spiritual energy that she devotes to the psychedelic & goa trance scene is her driving force and long let this continue as she enlightens and awakens the parties and festivals with her sound and visual presence", explained Tom at Psylicious.

Mistress Jade continues to develop her skills in the world of psychedelic music, releasing her first downtempo / chillout mix, "Collective Consciousness", in March 2007, yet again showing her diverse talent and that her style is always evolving.