posted by: lady_schick on 10.30.06
well ok. as much as i liked emailing the mp3's i was recording to people, when my friend rob suggested putting up a site, "so we don't have to wait for songs to download." i knew he was right. i don't like to wait, so neither should you!!!

so, here is my site. instead of emailing you the song, you can come here. just click on the music tab above and you will go to my music page. from there you can rate, listen, download, or read the notes i wrote on the songs. not all of the songs will be downloadable from the site. those will be avalable to people on my mailing list only. if you want to be on the list, drop me a line at:

if you are already on the list, simply email me a request, and i will email the song you want directly. otherwise ch2ch will be notes on new songs on this site for you to sample.

up next, will be doing "dinky mixes" -- 4 songs of a particular theme. each dinky mix will segue from the last dinky to the next.
my deadline for that will be the next will be two weeks, but bear with me if that is a bit late-- my receiver just blew up.

anyways, listen and tell me what you think...

l8r sk8r!
lady Schick

new start!
posted by: lady_schick on 03.30.06
yay! i was looking all over for a place like this, to put up my music. people don't know what to make of it... the way i describe it, so hopefully this will make things clear.... and you will hear something new that's old....

well, back to the vinyl mines...

lady schick

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