"Sowelu Live @ Tatrahasi"
Sowelu LIve at Tatrahasi.jpg
:[ track list ]:
1 “America” By Dusty Kid
2 Crawl Around By Daso & Pawas
3 High As A Kite By Pig & Dan
4 Run 0 By Alexi Delani &Tony Rohr
5 Son Of A Pitch (Pig&Dan Remix) By DNox & Beckers
6 Babe I'm gonna Leave U By Led Zeppelin (PQM Remix)
7 In & Out of Time By Maya Angelou
8 Moan (Radioslave remix) By Trentemoller feat. Ane Trolle
9 Goddess Prayer By Fabian Vangeli feat Sista Kate
10 I Love You (Mugwump Remix) By Dirk Technic
11 Paperboy By Lutzenkirchen
12 Sometimes Things Get, Whatever By Deadmau5
13 The Things You Say By Cicada
14 Superskunk By Deadmau5
15 Darkbeat By Deadmau5
16 Baby kate By Heartthrob
17 Over That By Broke
18 Diskoteca Butt By Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr
19 Accelerate By Dustin Zahn