"Sowelu Live @ Tropical 9 year Anniversary"
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This is a live set that I was lucky enough to be asked to play, for the 9 year anniversary of Tropical.
It was a really rough morning and if it wasn't for the music - I dunno what I'd do. Yep just like she said on Kenny Hawkes' Sleaze Walkin.
I brought two bags and literally didn't even look at my records until I arrived. Don't expect this to be a mix that will impress you too much...BUT I'm putting together trax at the moment for a new totally meaningful mix! It might be ready by XMAS as I'm trying to get it done for my bday which is a week before.
Tracklisting will follow soon.
Thanks to everyone who came out to Tropical and to everyone that handed me a drink or a joint. Especially you Honey. muah! xo