DJ Bacid
991.jpg Three things occupy my life and time: media, music and politics in that order. I was born in Tehran, Iran, and grow up in Italy, Germany and Sweden. Has been DJ-ing and throwing parties since 1999 in southern Sweden. Ive played in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, Wales, Morocco and so on.

Love and respect to all beings!

Let the acid take control, of your mind, body and soul!!!!
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Enter the Third Dragon!
posted by: bacid posted: 01.28.06
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaur! Jumping out flashing skillz like a mad dog"

...I wish I could say that. Rather this is a humble entrance into the cybergang of skill criminalz, the DJ´s. Though humble, this cybereffort is driven on soul engine, smelling like terpentine and burning ya like gasoline! Skillz, what is that? Mechanically mixin´ trax like a GOD doesn´t take the crowd to xtc, nor does´t it qualify as a honest artistic expression.

But is DJ-in an act of art? Answer the following and you´ll know the answer:

1. Do you clap your hands at the sound of a phat beat, no matter where you are?

2. Do you allways start a huge argument about the origins of Techno, referring to it as the only non-fundamental religion?

3. Do you really believe that Bob Dylan is mixable with minimal techno?

4. Do you spend more money on records than on any other material thing, including food items?

5. When DJ-ing, do you do the most crazy dance moves, allthough standing behind the decks?

If the answer to all above questions are a blank "hell yea´!" then the art element seems to be confirmed.

Therefore, this cybertry is merely a way of communicate and getting out the music in my warderobe across to other beings. I hope to be a DJ by the time I turn 70...I have about 45 years to practice, so be patient! I am.

updated: 12.28.17