A producer, a dj and and old-schooler. A key player in the dance music scene.
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About As we travel through the new millennium, where style and innovation have no boundary, there are still those Djs and producers striving to push the envelope of sound further. Attempting to make an impact onto a community that is as time sensitive as the people who are part of it, there has never been a better time for those individuals to begin working towards a new frontier. Dj Nameless, a.k.a. Nathan Tomlin is taking part in the revolution and exploration of this journey.

Nathan began his expedition in Vancouver, B.C., where in the early 90s he was exposed to dance music at a small afterhours club called The World. This afterhours club celebrated up and coming talent in dance music as well as innovators in the techno/house music scene. By 1993, Nathan was on a mission, he channeled his passion into buying records at Odyssey imports, the only dance music record store in Vancouver. After throwing numerous house parties, playing at local clubs and making mix tapes for friends, Nathan knew it was time to move forward.

In 1998, Nathan traveled to Mexico City. Upon arriving, he noticed a nightclub within his vicinity. It was none other than Club 303, Mexicos finest techno club near the national monument. The next few weeks, Nathan began playing as Dj 123 for Club 303. He was invited and accepted an invitation to play on the Transmat tour along side Djs Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kenny Larkin. Furthermore Nathan began playing to large audiences at another famous club in Mexico City called La Boom.

Upon return to Vancouver, Nathan had an opportunity to play at a local Rave on Halloween 1999. He transferred his skill behind the decks and began creating the magic he could call his own. He explained, It was an incredible night, the crowd was intimate, I was able to play music that I knew people wanted to hear, everything just meshed. The only setback that night was that Nathan had contributed some music gear for the party that had been damaged.

After playing at a few select clubs in Vancouver such as; Club Viva, Celebrities and Global Atomics, Nathan found a residence at a local club/lounge called Tribeca. Every weekend, Nathan played as Dj Nameless to party people hungry for funky beats. Dj Nameless was making an impact in the funky house and breaks collectives. By raising the standard, Dj Nameless was responsible for breathing new life back into Tribeca and making new connections within the dance music community. Djs of his caliber such as; Nikki Delgado, Jay Tripwire, and Dj Ali soon recognized Dj Nameless as a worthy supporter of the scene.

The future is as bright as the sounds created for that future; Dj Nameless has paved his own way through dance music history. I enjoy dancing, playing for audiences, producing for record labels, its all good. Get ready for the new sound!

Location British Columbia
Influences/Sounds Like Deep and Funky House music
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updated: 12.28.17