Balearic Sun Now Available...
posted by: dj_jcee on 02.27.09


Pain Killers by d:cee project available for DL / Stream!
posted by: dj_jcee on 07.23.07
Checkout the latest collaboration mix from the minds of deemo & j:cee. This mix features some of the latest electro masterpieces on the club scene as well as some hard hitting trance floor smashers. Deemo takes the wheels on tracks 1 - 6 with nasty electro house beats, followed up by j:cee on deck finishing off the mix with tracks 7 - 12. Enjoy!

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Analog Reef available for DL / Stream...
posted by: dj_jcee on 05.24.07
12 tracks of summer trance goodness! Vocals, tech, electro, u name it, it's in there. Hope you enjoy this latest mix ;)
*wallpaper for this mix is available in the 'Store' section.

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VA Tech Tribute Mix Available for DL / Stream...
posted by: dj_jcee on 05.04.07
Freshly added to the Music section, this is my show from last week which aired on GlobalBeats.FM. Dedicated to the students and families of VA Tech.

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New Download links for iPod-ready AAC versions of mixes
posted by: dj_jcee on 04.25.07
Starting with the next mix, I will be including a download link for a tricked-out AAC file version of my mixes. It is basically an enhanced podcast version of the mix which will include track names, artwork, and cue points to skip between tracks within the same file.

Nineteen Available for Stream / Download
posted by: dj_jcee on 03.27.07
and another one...

this one is dedicated to Debra, happy birthday babe, hope you have a great one! Will post tracked zip file download link when finished.

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Spring Fever '07: Prague available for download / stream
posted by: dj_jcee on 03.27.07
yes... another one...
This mix is very melodic and "trancey", perfect for driving w/ the windows down, or enjoying some cocktails outdoors. Enjoy!

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Shockwave available for DL/Stream
posted by: dj_jcee on 03.27.07
1 of the latest additions to the collection now available for DL / Stream. Will post the tracked zip file download link when available...

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Sunburn3 Going Offline Soon...
posted by: dj_jcee on 03.22.07
Gotta make room for the new summer stuff, so if you haven't already downloaded Sunburn3 (Part One & Two), or would like to save the playlist, better do it now.

If you would still like to download the Sunburn3 mixes and they are not on here, then shoot me an email: [email protected] and I'll send them to you.

Click on "Read More" for a list of upcoming mixes...


Diskotech available for Download/Stream...
posted by: dj_jcee on 03.14.07
New Electro-House mix just added for download under the "cee: j" alias. Not my usual bag, but a little something new. Enjoy!

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Innerpiece - Available for DL / Stream...
posted by: dj_jcee on 03.05.07

latest "j:cee" mix available for dl/stream. Enjoy!

**If you would like to download this mix cut into tracks, ready for CD burning, click on the "mix information" link underneath the track listing. Or click on "Read More" below.


d:cee project - t w o [mixed by j:cee] Avail. for download...
posted by: dj_jcee on 02.26.07
Available for DL / Stream in the 'Music' section.

**If you would like to download this mix cut into tracks, ready for CD burning, click on the "mix information" link underneath the track listing. Or click on "Read More" below.


d:cee project - o n e [mixed by deemo] Ready for Download!!!
posted by: dj_jcee on 02.06.07
The debut mix from deemo is up and ready for DL or stream.

**If you would like to download this mix cut into tracks, ready for CD burning, click on the "mix information" link underneath the track listing. Or click on "Read More" below.

[email protected]

d:cee project - t w o [mixed by j:cee] coming soon...

New free wallpapers in the Store...
posted by: dj_jcee on 02.09.07
Download some free j:cee or d:cee project wallpapers in the store. Only resolution available right now is 1280 x 1024, but if you have a need for a different size wallpaper, email me the dimensions (i.e. 800 x 600) and I will send you that size. Enjoy =) Click "Read More" for Download instructions.

ChilloutSessions 2 Available for DL...
posted by: dj_jcee on 02.07.07
The much anticipated and probably most requested mix is finally available for Download & Stream.

*If you experience any partial download issues, you may download the full-length mix here:

Click on "Read More" for download link for cut tracks of this mix for CD-burning.

Alternative download link...
posted by: dj_jcee on 01.26.07
Until I figure out wtf is wrong with this p.o.s. I have setup an alternate download link for Renovaccia here:


Partial Download Issues...
posted by: dj_jcee on 01.25.07
Was experiencing some partial DL issues with Renovaccia, where it would only download 62mb of the total file. some b.s.

I think I have this fixed now, if you are still experiencing this, then please let me know so I can re-re-fix it.

Renovaccia!!!! Available for DL...
posted by: dj_jcee on 01.19.07
Finally finished this monster, the 1st one of '07! Enjoy this 16 track massive chunk of choons!!!

Renovaccia - [Renn-oh-vah-chee-uh]
1. (v) re-birth; renewal; re-invention.
2. (n) newfound attributes in an existing state.

Coming Soon...
posted by: dj_jcee on 01.09.07
Upcoming Mixes...

>Renovaccia (1st Mix of 2007)
>Chillout Sessions vol.II
>Winter Mix TBA

Best of 2006 Web Vote Results...
posted by: dj_jcee on 12.29.06
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for their Top 10 (and then some) tracks of '06. Click on more info to see the full voting results. All together I received 407 total votes, not bad. Here are the top 12 that made the cut for the CD, again, click on "more info" below to see the results for all the tracks...

Best of 2006 (CD)
1) #12 Smith & Pledger - White
2) #11 Armin van Buuren - Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Remix)
3) #10 Armin van Buuren feat. Gabriel & Dresden - Zocalo
4) #9 Kyau & Albert - Walk Down (KvA Club Mix)
5) #8 Team SR - Leaving London (Original Mix)
6) #7 AMDL Project - Dirty Filthy Eyes (Mohawk Remix)
7) #6 Super8 + DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin'
8) #5 Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Club Mix)
9) #4 Under Sun - Capoeira (Airbase pres. Scarab Remix)
10) #3 Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder
11) #2 Smith & Pledger pres. Aspekt - Hi-Jack
12) #1 2 Devine vs. Cara Dillon - Black Is The Colour (Coco & Green Remix)

Grassroots going offline soon...
posted by: dj_jcee on 12.29.06
'Grassroots' will be removed from this site soon, if you are looking for it, send me an email at ([email protected]) and I will send it to you. If you would like to request any older mixes that have been removed from this site, just send me a request and I will send them to you.


New Years Eve Mixes
posted by: dj_jcee on 11.29.06
Good news, I've already begun work on the next New Years Eve mix for '06. The first cd will be a "best of '06" compilation that will be the top 12 tracks of '06. How am I deciding what these tracks will be? I'm not, you are. Thanks to the web mastery of Frasier Designs, I will be posting a URL shortly that will give you the top 45 tracks of '06 to vote on....more

Latest Mix: "Resident" Available for Download...
posted by: dj_jcee on 10.26.06
Just finished up the latest mix entitled "Resident", and it really is quite nice. With great new tracks from Fragma, Tilt, Jose Amnesia & Jennifer Rene, and Team SR, this is one of my favorites to-date. ***If you would like this mix broken up into tracks for easy burning onto a cd, then here is a separate DL link for the zip file containing all the tracks and the Cover Art:

Thanks for stopping by, and Enjoy!

posted by: dj_jcee on 10.19.06
I've been wanting to do a "Classics" mix for sometime, and here it is. Instead of just playing all of the most popular tracks from back in the day that I'm sure we're all sick of by now, I focused on the tracks that really helped shape my style today, hence the title "Grassroots". Oh and I snuck in something new at the end ;) Enjoy!

Mission Horizon Guest Mix 10/8/06
posted by: dj_jcee on 10.10.06
Special thanks to everyone who tuned in this past Sunday. Thanks to E-L-E and PeeWee for having me on the show. Cheers!

Sunburn 3 - Part Two
posted by: dj_jcee on 09.07.06
available for DL or stream. enjoy =)

Partial Downloads
posted by: dj_jcee on 08.16.06
If you are having trouble downloading any mixes, please let me know asap so I can contact support. Especially if you are only able to download the first 15 minutes or so of a mix.

Sunburn 3 - Part One
posted by: dj_jcee on 08.14.06
Available for download & stream. Here is part one of Sunburn 3, Cover art still being designed by Frasier Images. Part two will be soon to follow. Enjoy!

Coming Soon: Sunburn 3
posted by: dj_jcee on 08.01.06
Currently working on the third "Sunburn" mix, will feature new tracks from Armin, Hammer & Funabashi, Filo & Peri, Sander van Doorn, Sean Tyas, Amnesia Brothers, and more ;) hopefully will be available for download by late August to finish out this scorching-hot summer.

Thanks for tuning in!!
posted by: dj_jcee on 07.31.06
Big thank you to everyone who was able to tune into the show last night, it was a blast chatting with everyone and listening to some good tunes. Special thanks to BillyD who made it out, and to the whole crew for their support. Both sets are available for download / stream in the Music section. Cheers!

Monsoon Sessions Uploaded =)
posted by: dj_jcee on 07.07.06
Finally uploading another one. This one is a bit dark given all the rain and flooding, aptly named "Monsoon Sessions". This is the first one of three new mixes I have done recently, so check back often for the other two. Hope you enjoy, cheers!

Promo Mix: May 2006 Uploaded 5/18
posted by: dj_jcee on 05.18.06
Check out the new promo mix for May, available for stream or download in the music section. Enjoy!

Spring Fever '06: Ibiza Uploaded
posted by: dj_jcee on 04.20.06
Here is the full version of my Spring mix, check out the playlist for all the track info. Enjoy!

Preview of "Spring Fever 2006: Ibiza" Uploaded
posted by: dj_jcee on 04.07.06
Here is a preview of the new mix I'm working on for this spring. It combines lots of great vocal tracks with new stuff from Smith & Pledger, Jes Brieden, and more. Stay tuned for the full mix which should be done by next week. Cheers!

Latest mix: Promo Mix Jan '06 uploaded
posted by: dj_jcee on 01.30.06
This is every bit new and hits hard. Basically a mix of all the best, brand new stuff in my case right now. Enjoy!

Vocal Mix for January Uploaded 1-26-06
posted by: dj_jcee on 01.26.06
This one is mostly vocal, featuring vocals from Rachael Starr, Aven, Liiane Brooksen, Nica Ionz, and more. Had some technical difficulties with track #7 on the list (only about 30 sec. of it got F'ed up), so don't hold it against me. **Stay tuned for January Promo mix which is going to feature tons of un-released hot nuggets of prog & trance!**

New Years Eve Mix 2005 Uploaded
posted by: dj_jcee on 12.27.05
Happy New Year everyone! I wanted this mix to be a great party set, great for drinking & dancing on NYE! Check it out, download & burn it if you want. This mix combines some great Progressive vocal tracks with some happy house and tech-trance. This one is perfect for pre-gaming, gearing up for big club night. Let me know what you think... Happy New Year!

Episode 003 Uploaded
posted by: dj_jcee on 12.21.05
This one is very deep progressive, melodic tracks; sampler of the first 4 tracks on my latest mix. Has a lounge feel to it. Put this on, dim the lights, and pour yourself a drink!

Episode 002 Uploaded
posted by: dj_jcee on 12.21.05
Here is a piece of an older set of mine. It combines some priceless classics with some newer hard-hitting big room tracks from earlier in '05. Check track list for more info. enjoy =)

New Mix Uploaded
posted by: dj_jcee on 12.12.05
Here is the first mix, recorded last month: "Euphonic Dreaming - Episode 001". This one is a bit harder than usual, so crank it up! Hope you enjoy!



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