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About I've been in and out of the scene for what seems like a lifetime now (it is a lifetime for some). I started doing parties while in college in NJ, as well as local birthday paries and weddings. Club Zanzibar's DJ Hippie Torales and Tony Humphries were the main DJ's that influenced me.

I did a residency at a small (but well attended) club in NYC - Le Petit Armageddon for about 9 months, I also got to play on a Richard Long System at Club 88 in East Orange, NJ (I thought I had arrived at that point...yeah right!!!).

After college I relegated DJ'ing to hobby status, and there it has remained ever since. I still get out to the occasional party, as I still love to dance, albeit a bit stiffly these days.

I still get a kick out of playing for large crowds when the opportunity arises (and when my DJ friends let me spin a few while they take a break).

Now with the internet, I get to share my stuff with many others, and I get to sample the wares of others...bliss.
Location Maryland-Baltimore
Influences/Sounds Like Hippie,Tony Humphries/Deep House
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updated: 12.28.17